Pre-Opening and Conversion

Hotel Pre-opening Services

Our work begins even before your doors open. Plan B Hospitality Consulting provides the professional advice you need to make an informed decision while still in the planning and design phase, whether a new property, renovation or conversion. We visit the prospective property and give an objective evaluation of current operations, including brand compliance, staffing, and sales and marketing. Based on extensive experience and research in the hospitality industry, we can also help direct engineers and architects with the layout of your building for the most profitable and efficient use of space.

Planning and Processing

The foundation for any successful business lies in the success of its business plan. Plan B Hospitality Consulting will establish a comprehensive plan and help process paperwork associated with establishing your hotel.

Liaison With Building Contractors

Many hotel owners face the challenge of being present during the building process. We act as liaison between you and your builder, architect, designer and building contractors. In this supervisory role, we will oversee the completion of all work and guarantee compliance with all applicable laws and brands.

Hotel Staffing

From placing ads for available positions to providing orientation and training for your new employees, Plan B Hospitality Consulting can expertly move you through each phase of the hiring process. We help build the strong staff you need to build a strong and success business.

Hospitality Industry Research & Marketing

Get your marketing on target, even if your doors haven't opened yet. Using our hospitality industry research, Plan B Hospitality Consulting will create a marketing and e-commerce campaign designed to reach your target audience and get customers lining up at your door and website.

Hospitality Brand Compliance

Franchises and member organizations require that certain standards are upheld. Plan B Hospitality Consulting is very knowledgeable in franchise compliance and will ensure that you meet or exceed the quality standards designated by your brand.