Sales and Marketing

Strategic Hotel Sales & Marketing

Savvy sales and marketing strategies can make the difference between empty rooms and a solidly booked hotel. Our comprehensive hotel sales and marketing services cover every area of advertising and marketing - from web and social campaigns to in-person tactics. We'll identify your needs through market and competitive analysis, create a sales and marketing plan and create action steps to execute that plan. We then analyze your marketing initiatives to ensure that your sales are on track and profitability is enhanced.

Hotel Sales & Marketing Services

Competitive Analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your hotel's local market, target audience and sales competition. We then determine where the unique opportunities exist in your market that should be captured, which hotels are taking your business and what can you do to beat the competition.

Market Research

Plan B Hospitality Consulting will research your target market to determine the best hotel marketing strategies to reach new clients and boost sales, both through traditional marketing and e-commerce strategies.

Hotel Marketing Plan

We'll create a hotel marketing plan that will direct all of your hotel advertising and outreach efforts. The hotel marketing plan will take into account all relevant factors such as budget, competition and your hotel's target audience and location.

Hotel Sales Promotion

Based on our experience in hotel sales and marketing, we'll create promotions tailored to your needs across all platforms - from web and social media marketing to traditional hotel advertising channels. We'll even help you create specials and promotions that target your destination and audience.

Trade Shows

Hospitality trade shows offer a unique opportunity to network and create valuable new alliances in the hotel industry. Plan B Hospitality Consulting can prepare everything from your trade show marketing materials to training your employing working the booth.

Employee Training

Increasing sales starts with employees who know how to make sales. Plan B Hospitality Consulting will train and empower your staff to increase sales while maintaining the integrity of the hotel brand standards and value.